Thursday 7 January 2016

GRAZE 'Variety' Box | #grazebox

Back in October I attended the 'Suffolk Blogger Meet' event in Bury St Edmunds. I was lucky enough to win 4 prizes from the raffle and the Graze Box gift card was one of them. I've not ordered from Graze so the whole process was new to me. I started by putting my special code into the box and clicked continue. Next I had to select from either one of the three box options. 
'Variety' box contains the maximum selection of food, giving you chance to explore what Graze has to offer. 'Light' box has a selection of healthy snacks, all 150 calories or less. The 'Protein' box has a selection of over 25 snacks, each one a source of natural protein to help fuel a busy lifestyle. I opted for the Variety box, I figured being new to Graze this would give me the best idea of what they are about. 
The following page you fill in your personal information for delivery and you get to choose how often you'd like your boxes, I chose weekly. You could have them monthly or fortnightly too, oh and it's upto you which day you take delivery of your box. 
Finally you fill in a simply questionnaire comprised of allergies, dietary requirements and any food options you'd rather not have. You can even see what snacks would be arriving and prioritise so certain ones come in your next box. 
As you can see above, the boxes have a great selection of food to try. All of my boxes came with an even mix of sweet and savory snacks; each individually packaged. We nibbled on ours while watching TV when the little lady was in bed, however the Graze boxes would be perfect for taking to work for having on a break. 
I'm very impressed by the quality and variety of food offered with Graze. It's so nice to be able to try something new and discover food combinations you've never thought about trying! 
If you are interested in ordering from Graze I have a special code* that can be used when creating an account. The code will give you the 1st, 5th and 10th box for FREE!  

* Special Code can't be used with other promotional codes.


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