Wednesday 12 August 2015

KISS Cosmetics Lip Vinyl - Seductive Damson (mini sample)

KISS Cosmetics has recently launched their mini samples of Lip Vinyl and Lip Sticks. A very clever step by the Essex based company if you ask me! What more does a girl need then to be able to pay just £2 for a sample size to find the colour they are searching for?!? 
So let's get down to the nitty gritty.....

This is the Lip Vinyl in Seductive Damson. First up I have to say this is not my kind of colour but it has been fun to wear for the purpose of this post. Lip Vinyl's are classed as a hybrid liquid lipstick which gives you a slick of high pigmentation colour without the stickiness of a lipgloss. And I have to say it's a pretty good description! 
The pigmentation is fabulous and I wasn't left with a sticky texture on my lips. It feels moisturising and smooth. I found the Lip Vinyl a little tricky to apply, mainly down to the size of the applicator; that said it is a sample size. The consistency is lovely and smooth once you've mastered the little lid-applicator. This shade 'Seductive Damson' is a medium tone purple which suits both warm and cool skin tones. If you like your bright colours this is one for you :-)
The packaging is very sturdy and there has obviously been a lot of thought gone into this styling and feel of the package! When you receive a mini it comes on a 'postcard sized' card with a description of the product and ingredients listed, too which is a nice touch. 
The only downside for me is the fragrance of the Lip Vinyl. Personally I found it too strong but you can't please everyone! 
Overall though I'm very impressed by the KISS Cosmetics Lip Vinyl 'mini' and would say they are well worth for a tester. You could even buy these to pop into your handbag for work or a night out.


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  1. I'm not sure if I can pull of purple (says the girl who's posting about blue lipstick tomorrow lol) but you definitely can! Too bad it smells so strong though, I can see why that's off putting.


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