Friday 11 April 2014

He-Shi Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan

Many of you know how much I love He-Shi so I don’t need to tell you how excited I was when I discovered they now do a Rapid 1 Hour tan lotion!!

He-Shi Rapid 1 Hour Tan Liquid can only be described as a 3 in 1 product where you control how dark your tan goes.  Here is some information from He-Shi about this fabulous liquid -

“He-Shi Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan, with its unique time development accelerators, tans on contact giving an instant golden colour and will provide finished results within 60 minutes. With its quick drying and 'see where it goes' formula you can be confident of not developing streaks or patches. Made from 100% natural DHA and is an odourless, paraben free formulation with the addition of Pentavitin® for superior instant, long lasting moisturisation and Vitamin E for advanced anti-ageing properties.”

This self-tanning liquid is easy to apply over clean dry skin using the He-Shi Tanning Mitt and is suitable for the entire body, including the face.  Like all self-tanning products, He-Shi advise you do not moisturise before application. Smooth evenly over the face and body using sweeping movements; do not rub this into the skin as you’ll remove the liquid before it has chance to soak in and end up patchy - not pretty!! Then allow 2 minute before you dress; I normally put loose fitting clothes on.

The main selling point for the He-Shi Rapid 1 Hour Tan Liquid has to be the time it takes to develop the tan. For a golden glow they advice you leave it on for 60 minutes. I found this gave me a soft glow to my skin, a bit like using these gradual tan moisturisers (just faster results). Leaving it on for 2 hours gives you a dark golden tan and if you have time you can leave it on for 3-4 hours to develop an ultra dark golden tan.

For this time of the year I found 2 ½ hours just right. My skin looked golden and sun-kissed but not too tanned. I’ll top it up in around 7 days and I think I’ll get away with leaving it to develop for 1 hour as I’d like to maintain the colour rather than go darker.  I’ll do a little update note at the bottom of this post once I have topped up my tan and let you know what I think.

Have you tried any He-Shi products?

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