Tuesday 1 April 2014

Cinderella Shoes

Every little princess should have Cinderella shoes! We bought our little lady the Cinderella dress for Christmas (she’d driven us crazy for it). You can imagine her delight on Christmas Day to find that she had the dress she longed for. Little Miss was so happy she worn it all day!!!!

So fast forward to a few weeks ago; I’m in the supermarket (wandering from one aisle to the next as you do) and I spot these fabulous shoes for our princess.

As you can see these are perfect for little girls. The slip-on style makes them user friendly; meaning Mummy or Daddy doesn’t have to help put them on. The heel isn’t too high either, approximately ¾ inch. The plastic shoes are a lovely shade of blue, maybe a bit darker than the Cinderella dress but that’s not a problem. They also have lots of glitter in the plastic, making them very sparkly indeed. I particularly like the bow detail and Cinderella motif, its a nice touch.
The underside of these shoes do have a grip to them, we currently have carpets down so haven’t tested them on hard flooring; however they shouldn’t slip around too much.

It did take a few days for Little Miss to get the hang of walking around the house in slip-on shoes. Also they did rub her little toe and caused a blister. It doesn’t seem to have put her off wearing them though, she just asks for a pair socks - I don’t need to tell you how that looks ;)

These Cinderella shoes were an absolute must-have and Little Miss has had loads of fun dressing up as her favourite Disney Princess.




  1. Oh my gosh, I used to have a pair exactly like these when I was a kid, but with Belle from Beauty on the beast on them, heheeeee :-)

  2. Oh I used to have a pair just like this!
    How SWEET are these!?

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