Wednesday 31 July 2013

Unique Deep Skin Moisturiser

By Skin Kind Cosmetics

Being a hairdresser I have suffered with my hands becoming dry and chapped over the years.
When I was sent this sample I was dubious on how good it was going to be. So when I had a week of hairdressing I decided to do a 5 day trial.

Image from Skin Kind Cosmetics.

"Specially formulated to include the natural essential oil of avocado to bring soothing moisture to skin which may be dry or suffering from the effects of the weather. It is a unique and effective moisturiser which is rapidly and deeply absorbed into any type of dry skin, creating a barrier against the elements yet leaving it soft and smooth. Ideal as a night cream."

I applied a little of the cream in the mornings before going to work, and again at night when I was off to bed. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this worked on my hands. I didn't have a single spot of dry skin or sore palms; it worked wonderfully. The only down side for me was I didn't like the smell (Avocado Oil), it was a little strong in my opinion.

RRP £48.95

*PR Sample


  1. Sounds good, I need a heavy duty cream to keep those super dry hands of mine well moisturized!


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