Tuesday 9 July 2013

Cosmecology Paris - Comforting Body Shower Gel

 I'm super pleased to have been introduced to this wonderful product by Cosmecology
This is the Comforting Body Shower Gel....

 I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and love it. I found it left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth, and I could even have gotten away with skipping moisturising afterwards!

This product contains Hibiscus extract which makes the Body Shower rich and creamy. I've used it with a 'blossom' sponge in the shower, and was pleasantly surprised at how little I needed. This is very concentrated and quite thick, yet it squeezes out of the bottle without any problems (even with wet hands).

If you haven't tried this brand yet its well worth investing in! 
RRP £8.00 (300ML)



  1. I love creamy and thick shower gels that lather good. it looks quite nice :)

  2. This looks quite good..

    Please visit my blog..


    Brittany, xx

  3. Sounds good! It's always nice to discover new products.


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