Monday 29 April 2013

OPI Euro Centrale - OPI...Eurso Euro

 Yes I’m back with another OPI nail polish……I just can’t help myself!!!!
Below is OPI…Eurso Euro from the Euro Centrale Collection.

This is what I canonly describe as a bright Royal Blue, vivid and eye catching.
I’d say it’s somewhere between a cream and a jelly (as far as I’m aware OPI haven’t produced ‘jelly’ polishes yet).
I also found the consistency to be very good. It didn’t streak, nor was it too runny (as some of my OPI have been in the past). 

I’ve applied two coats of polish, which has given the colour a lovely opaque look. The finish of this nail polish is amazing too….talk about hi-shine! The only reason I used Top Coat was for longevity rather then glossiness.

OPI…Eurso Euro is the perfect blue for me. It has a cool undertone that flatters my fair skin – very pleasing.

Have you tried any of the OPI Euro Centrale Collection yet?
If yes, which is your favourite??

Stay Polished xx 


  1. I love the OPI varnishes, I have one which is slightly darker than this, they always look great. Loving your colour xx

    1. Thanks for popping by. I have a couple of blues now but this one is by far my favourite :-) xx

  2. What a gorgeous royal blue this is!

    1. Its lovely isn't it. I painted my nieces nails in this for a wedding recently, it was the perfect colour x


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