Wednesday 24 April 2013

Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Heated Rollers

I love heated rollers and confess I now own 2 sets, both by Babyliss!

These are my newest set, the 'Thermo Ceramic Heated Rollers'

This set includes 20 ceramic-coated rollers in 3 sizes;
8 Large,
6 Medium,
6 Small, 
plus 10 clips and 20 pins.

With a heat up time of 8 minutes, these are perfect for busy people!!

Roller Clips x 10 (not all pictured)

I always say with all heated rollers, so long as the ends of your hair are tucked in, it doesn't matter if you look a bit messy waring them. Also when you have layers, it can be a little hard to get all of your hair wrapped around them, however using a tail-comb can help.

As you can see from below, this is the finished result. I haven't done anything with my hair, just simply took out the rollers and let them fall into place. I then sprayed on some hairspray to help the curls last.

Have you tried heated rollers or do you prefer tongs/wands?

RRP £29.99
{Available at most online electrical stockists}


  1. Oh wow, I love the effect! I have never used heated rollers before. I always (which is almost never :-P) use my curling iron.

    1. Heated rollers are so easy and these heat up super quick which makes them even more fab! You must try them some time :) x

  2. These look fab and your hair looks great after using them. I think these are defo must have for me, I've grown my hair now after having it short for so many years and need to purchase some decent rollers. Great price too.xx

    1. They are fab, I love them :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog x


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