Monday 10 December 2012

Johnsons Baby with a twist...

I am completely behind on the Johnson's Baby range; here in Switzerland you can only buy the "original" product range from Johnson's. 

While in the UK for a long visit, I popped into my local supermarket and spotted the Soothing Naturals, Intense Moisture Cream.

I bought this for one reason, Little Miss has been getting very dry skin, and this looked like a possible remedy. 
Containing a blend of Olive Leaf extract, Vitamin E, and Essential Minerals, it helps sooth and relieve dry skin from the first use.

The formula is non-greasy and soaks in very quickly. Even I have been using it, and can confirm my skin was left feeling soft and smooth, with no trace of dry skin.

The one thing I should point out to any die-hard Johnson's fans is that this doesn't have that 'Baby' scent to it. It smells lovely and fresh....a somehow more grownup fragrance.


For more details on the Johnson's Baby range, check out the link below;


  1. I use this and I think its fantastic! It keeps my skin really soft and moisturised!

    1. Its great isn't it. I'm so pleased I found this during our stay!

  2. Good thing it doesn't smell like babies, haha :-)

  3. thanks for that! i should try this out!! ;)

    1. Yes Joan do try it out and let me know what you think :) x


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