Tuesday 4 December 2012

Christmas Nail Art

Some of you may have seen my Halloween nails (by Nailtopia) back in October. I had a lot of comments about these 'Instant Nail Art' stickers. 

These are super easy to use and give fantastic results in a matter of minutes. They are a gel type sticker which sits really well over your nail polish, and stays in place perfectly. For extra staying power you can put topcoat over them, although I never do.

Above and below are a selection of 'Instant Nail art' I was sent by Nailtopia. 

I've used my new Essie nail polish to really show off the nail art. The colour is called 'Skirting the Issue' and I think its the perfect shade for the festive look.

Nailtopia provide a range of nail art, which you can find on their website. Will you be buying any nail art for your festive nails? 
If so which will you go for?

From £2.49


  1. Love the snowflakes, have ordered some. can't wait to try them out!


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