Friday 5 October 2012

Volume Boost Mousse

By James Brown London

I do have my all time favourites I like fall back on, but I can't resist the 'mini' products that are available now. It makes it so easy to test out a new product without breaking the bank!

I've had quite fine hair since having 'Little Miss', so for me a Volume Mousse is essential for that much needed lift. 

This one by James Brown London is a very light mousse - not thick or sticky. So it leaves your hair feeling super soft yet full of volume. It also has a pleasant fresh citrus type scent, think Calvin Klein CKOne. I have to say that even after sleeping on my hair, the next day I could simply brush it through and it sprung back into place :)

Directions - Shake can well before use. Apply a walnut sized amount to towel dried hair, making sure to spread it from roots to tips. Blow-dry as normal.

RRP £1.99 (mini size)
 £6.29 (200ml)


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  1. I have a blog award for you and your hard work! :)


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