Wednesday 24 October 2012

Hi-Top Wedge Trainers

If like me you love your comfortable trainers and flats, then these are for you.

These are Hi-Top wedge trainers (or sneakers) and can be found in just about every store right now.

I've found my 'Hi-Tops' to be super comfy and I have near enough lived in them. They look great with skinny or slim fit jeans. I also feel mine have a slight 'biker chic' feel to them which I really like. They're by a company called Graceland, and are available for around 30CHF in Switzerland.

'New Look' Concealed Wedge Trainer £24.99

I also have my eye on these ones (see above) from New Look in the UK, which I hope to purchase when I'm back next......and smuggle them into my suitcase without Mr KME noticing :-)

Below is a selection of other styles available;

Wedge Hi-Top Trainers

Do you like Hi-Top Wedge trainers?



  1. Hey, where are the trainers from that are in the little picture at the bottom?

    1. Great post! I love you wedge trainers, very rock chick! ;)

      - and Maryam..Bottom pic.. Top left are River Island, bottom left are Marc Jacobs and the two on the right can be found on amazon/ebay with a few choice searches :D .. I know its a bit weird that I know that just to look at them, but I literally look at wedge trainers every day for my blog! Haha, hope that helps :D

    2. Maryam - if you click on the picture it will take you to Polyvore and the links are on there for stockist.
      Wedge Trainers - Thanks for your comment. I've been on holiday so very delayed at my replies!

  2. I have some from dune & I really like them!i wouldn't usually wear trainers but for some reason I'm loving these ha x


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