Monday 9 July 2012

Summer Hair...

This is one of my favourite ways to wear my hair during the summer months.

When the weather gets warm, I reach for my hair tie and kirby grips (bobby pins) to create this easy style.

  • Simply twist your front layers to one side - I tend to start where my hair parts naturally. 
  • Continue to twist until you get to the ear, and pin. 
  • Take the rest of your hair and pull into a ponytail and secure.
  • Spray with a firm hold hairspray to stop any stray hairs un-twisting them selves.

If you like a bit of height then back-comb the crown before securing into a ponytail as I have. Or you can wear it without the back-combing......Its all about personal taste :-)

So there you are, simple summer hair with a twist!


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