Tuesday 3 July 2012

Nude on Nude Eye Palette

I have completely fallen for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics (thank you hubby!), and can't think how I managed to get this far in life without ever buying any until now. 
Here is the first in my new eyeshadow collections......
(the link above takes you to Bobbi Brown website's current Nude On Nude Palette)

The compact contains 4 eyeshadows, double end applicator brush, and mirror. For those familiar with Bobbi Brown the colours are called;
 (from left to right) 
Navajo, Cement, Heather Mauve and Mahogany
Three of these are cream eyeshadows, plus a shimmer eyeshadow (Heather Mauve) which is wonderful for high lighting the eye lids slightly. 

I'll keep you updated and will post some pictures soon of the looks from this set of eyeshadows. 

Keep watching for the next Bobbi Brown Palette!


  1. Oh wow this is lovely, how much is the palette normally? I have never tried Bobbi Brown but am dying to! x

  2. Little Miss KME4 July 2012 at 23:02

    Hi Charlotte,
    I haven't seen this palette on the Bobbi Brown website. However I did find you can create a palette using the same colours as this one for approximately £46.I looked on www.bobbibrown.co.uk
    Let me know how you get on :-)xx


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