Thursday 31 May 2012


By China Glaze

Magnetic nail polishes have been around for a little while now. These ones by 'China Glaze' are the newest to hit the market. 
I think these are a great little set, with 6 colours to choose from and 3 magnet designs, the possibilities are endless!

I found the nail polish brush to be the perfect size for my nails; they are thinner and therefore easier to get one even coat of  colour on (as recommended). 
Here's the how-to;
  1. Choose desired magnet design,
  2. Apply base coat on to all 10 nails,
  3. Apply one coat of China Glaze Magnetic polish,
  4. Immediately hold magnet over the damp nail. Hold close, without touching for 10 seconds.
  5. Repeat until all 10 nails are designed,
  6. Once nails are dry apply top coat.
 **For best results polish and design one nail at a time** 
I've had great fun so far using these polishes, and I love how the pigment picks up the light. You could use the same colour time and again, and never get the same look! Putting it simply I think these are the bee's knee's!!

So I end this by asking - Have you tried Magnetic nail polishes? And if yes, which brand do you like??

Be back soon xx 


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