Saturday 5 May 2012

Eye Curl II

I discovered the Eyecurl in the late 90's while at Salon International in London, and haven't been without one since! The current model, Eyecurl II, is a 'must have' for anyone who wants perfectly curled lashes. 

This is easy to use and won't damage or pull your eye lashes in the process. 
These involve NO CLAMPING!!

* Simply switch on the Eyecurl
* Apply one coat of mascara
* Leave to dry
* Place the Eyecurl under your top lashes, near the base

* Hold there for a few seconds, for a curl that lasts all day.

For a more dramatic look apply a second coat of mascara after curling.

The Eyecurl takes 1 AA battery, has heat indication from Red to White so you know when its ready to use, and also has a cleaning brush to prevent product build-up on the curler.

RRP £14.99

First reviewed on my KME Hair and Beauty website

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