Thursday 19 April 2012

Vera Wang 'Preppy Princess'

I recently had my birthday and was a very lucky girl.

One of my presents was this perfume by Vera Wang called 'Preppy Princess', which was given to me by one of my close friends from the UK.
I'm new to the Vera Wang fragrances and I have to say I can't believe I have never bought one before.......this smells devine!!

The perfume has a fabulous fruity scent with a blend of Jasmine and Honeysuckle, BUT also a smell I couldn't put my finger on until I looked it up online.....a very soft hint of Coconut. This I'm sure sounds like a strange combination but trust me it works wonderfully and I love it.

So that's another perfume to add to my list and I'd like to say a BIG thank-you to my dear friend for giving it to me xxx

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