Sunday 8 April 2012

New York City Ballet

O.P.I has launched their new Limited Edition Collection of polishes.

This weekend I discovered that the O.P.I New York City Ballet Collection has been released.....YAY!
I'm a massive O.P.I fan so I was super pleased to find these in my local stockist. The best thing was, the two colours I had on my wishlist were both in stock.

3 coats applied

One of the colours I bought was 'You Callin' Me a Lyre' which is a pale pinky/peach creme polish. 
When I applied this I found one coat gave my nails a lovely fresh, natural glass-like effect. Its very sheer so my advice would be to apply 3 coats, as I have on the picture. This will show up how great the soft pinky/peach colour really is.

The other colour I bought is called 'Pirouette My Whistle'. This was top on my list of shades and I was lucky enough to buy the last one (phew).
This one is the only glitter the in the collection and can be used as a top coat on top of the other 5 shades. I've simply applied this over my natural nails so you can see the multi-dimension glitters in the polish. This really is a beautiful nail polish.

Downside is that photos just don't do it justice!!
New York City Ballet Collection also includes:
*Barre My Soul - Sheer Beige
*Don't Touch my Tutu! - Shimmer White
*Care to Danse? - Lilac
*My Pointe Exactly - Sheer Gray

If you love soft shades you will love these. Its just a case of deciding which ones to buy ;-)


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