Friday, 23 March 2012

Cool Romance by Orly

This is part of Orly's newest collection of nail colours called 'Cool Romance'I really like these and they're perfect for this Spring's trend - pastel colour nail polishes.
This set comes with a free purse which you could either use for a night out or to store these polishes in for safe keeping. Retailing at 35CHF / £25 I think they're great value for money.

This set includes:-
  • Prelude to a Kiss (Creme, Peachy-pink)
  • Faint of Heart (Creme, Mink)
  • Jealous, Much? (Creme, Pale Green)

Also available (as individuals) are :-
  • You're Blushing (Creme, Lilac)
  • Steel your Heart (Shimmer, Charcoal Grey)
  • Artificial Sweetener (Shimmer, Dusky Rose) 

I think everyone should have at least one pastel shade in their collection...........which will you choose??

Bye for now, Hannah x


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