Tuesday 20 March 2012

Bespoke Necklace

Zurich is a great place for finding little treasures like my beautiful stone necklace. 

There are so many little shops in and around the 'old town' to hunt down that something different, and an item like this can  add a chic casualness to your look, or transform a simple top into something special. 

I've had the piece below for around 6 years now (it was a gift from my husband). He found a fantastic little shop off Bahnhofstrasse, ZH (close to the lake), which was filled with beautiful individual jewellery - all designed and hand made by local artists. 

This one is made from stone and antique silver, which gives the whole thing a vintage feel. All of the stones are worked by hand and have such wonderful colours through them, especially the main stone with its pink tones.

I love wearing it, although since having our 'Little Miss' it hasn't been out much due to her pulling at it!!

My favourite way to wear this is simply with a black jumper or t-shirt. I think the darker background really shows off the necklace nicely.



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