Friday 3 March 2017

Wingz - The Review

Earlier last month I was sent a Wingz to test out and give you my honest opinion. Today I thought I'd sit down and give you the lowdown on this item of clothing.

So what are 'Wingz' I hear you ask? 

Wingz is basically a sleeved undergarment that is designed with a low scooped front and back, meaning it can be worn with any style of neckline. It fits over the top of your bra, following the bra-line around the back, giving you sleeves (of various designs) that change to look of your current dresses or tops. The low scooped back and front means you are not adding another layer to your wardrobe, just sleeves.
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I've been testing out my 'Wingz' (the 3/4 length stretch fitted Wingz) for a couple of weeks so thought I'd pop my blog and give you the lowdown.  To be honest I've mixed feelings in my Wingz, for a few reasons. 

I'll start by going through my positives, always a good place to start!  The quality is outstanding, there is not one stitch out of place.  The fabric is also unbelievably soft and feels wonderful on the skin. It's also easy to put on, I thought I may get tangled up but no. 

Now onto my 'not-so-positive' feelings. For me this just didn't work well. I found it didn't sit in the correct position on my back so it felt odd under my clothes. The sleeves were perfect to look at once it was on however as I moved throughout the day it became baggy under my arms and looked unattractive. Now this could be to blame on the size I'd asked for or just simply the design, I'm not sure?? I ordered a size 1 (to fit a UK 12-16), I was worried it would be too tight if I opted for the size 0 (UK size 6-10). I'm between a UK10-12 so you can see from the varied sizing why I chose the size 1. I feel that Wingz could do with adding more sizes into their range. I am nowhere near being a size UK6 as I am a UK16; do you see the predicament. 

Overall Wingz does exactly what it says in the sales blurb. It does add sleeves to sleeveless dresses and tops. No I wouldn't suggest wearing this all day long as I did, Occasionally wear will suffice. And to be fair it is a cheap alternative to buying a whole new outfit for a function!
So there you have it my Wingz review. Have you heard of them? What has been your experience in wearing Wingz? xx


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