Tuesday 18 October 2016

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet or Souffle de Velvet??

A couple of months back I won a stack of Bourjois products, majority of which I'd not tried before. Don't get me wrong I love buying makeup, for me there is no better 'pick me up' then a makeup purchase. Bourjois just wasn't a brand I'd invested in alot. After having a good ol' play with some of the new makeup items I'd decided to put pen to paper (so to speak) and let you, my loyal followers, know what I think of the ones I've started to test.
I've already featured the Rouge Edition Velvet in 07 Nude-ist which I'll link HERE. Today I'm comparing two of the Rouge Edition Lip Colours.I have one from the Velvet collection called 03 Hot Pepper. The other is part of the Souffle de Velvet collection and is called 06 Cherry Leaders.
 Starting with the Rouge Edition Velvet, 03 Hot Pepper which is a Matte finish liquid lipstick. This is great if you like your reds bright! It's super soft to apply, it glides easily and melts onto the lips. The formula then turns into a matte lip colour while preserving the moisture in your lips, so no nasty flaky lips. Personally I had to do two coats of colour as the first application was a bit patchy. This colour is buildable and I found the lipstick stayed pliable enough to allow the second application. Did the colour last well, yes alot better then I expected for a bright red! I think this is down to the formula being nice and soft. Also even after the Rouge Edition Velvet had worn off I was left with a subtle red tint on my lips. 
Now onto the Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet, 06 Cherry Leaders which is described as a 'semi-sheer veil of matte, elegant and discreet lip colour'. Souffle de Velvet encapsulated colour and comfort making it perfect for those who are a little colour shy. The formula is enriched with moisture protecting agents leaving your lips feeling hydrated, soft and makes the colour comfortable to wear. Although this is suppose to last for upto 10 hours, I'd say you'd be lucky to get an hour from this colour. It does wear down very quickly however much like the Velvet you do have a red stain left on the lips. The application was very easy and the colour was nice and even. I'd best describe 06 Cherry Leaders a healthy red lip, it's not too over the top. 

Of the two products I'd say I'm more in favour of the Souffle de Velvet for texture and colour. 06 Cherry Leaders fits my lifestyle, I'm a busy Mum, spending alot of time backwards and forwards to school; as well as running my hair and nails business, I simply don't have time to faff around reapplying my lipstick. This colour allows me to feel ready to take on the world without worrying about my lipstick looking patchy or flaky or my lips drying out. 

Which do you prefer? 


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