Tuesday 13 September 2016

Primark PS..... Makeup | Lip Product Review

Being a lover of all things Primark it would have been rude to not try out some more of their makeup range called 'PS...'

This time I opted for some lip products as they were really well stocked in my local store. Seeing that we are coming into Autumn I went for warmer, more earthy tones. I bought a Velvet Matte Lip Crayon in 'Hustle' priced at £2, and two Lip Liner Pencils, one in 'Rosewood Mauve' the other in 'Desert Sand', both priced at £1. 

The Velvet Matte Lip Crayon is a beautiful shade, it's what I'd call a rusted mauve-red that has a real 90's feel to it. The crayon itself is soft and glides on with ease, leaving a semi-matte finish to the lips. Application was very easy and although this is a crayon, and the nib is a far size, it does give a very precise look along the lip line. Of the three products this is the only one I noticed a slight fragrance too, nothing unpleasant, just a very slight hint of vanilla. Overall I found the Lip Crayon lasted a good couple of hours before it needed to be touched up, it wore evenly and didn't dry my lips out. Well worth the £2 when you're next near a Primark store!

Onto the Lip Liner Pencils....Now these were a surprise, I'll be brutally honest here I didn't hold up much hope for a £1 lip liner! However blow me down these little beauts are amazing!!!!! Firstly let's look at the colours. 'Rosewood Mauve' is well a rosy-mauve shade with a blue undertone. This colour works really well with the 'Hustle' Lip Crayon I mentioned earlier. 'Desert Sand' is more of a neural colour, and is close to my natural lip shade. It does have a slight orange tone to it but over all I couldn't be happier. I've worn this all over the lip, and it works perfectly well. I've not experienced any dryness and again both have lasted a good couple of hours before reapplication is needed. These two colours combined would make a lovely Ombre lip if that's your kinda thing (I might give it a go when I have time).
Have you tried any of the Primark PS... makeup range? Which pieces can you recommend? 

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