Tuesday 26 April 2016

Get Summer Ready with Nair Wax Strips*

Featuring Nair Nourish 7-in-1 Ultra Japanese Cherry Blossom & Rice Bran Oil Body Wax Strips.

 Summer is on it's way and this got me thinking about my hair removal system for the year ahead. During the winter months I'm extremely lazy when it comes to shaving my legs. I'm lucky really as my hair is very fair and fine so if I left them for weeks on end know one would notice; plus it's Winter so who has their legs out anyway! Nair Nourish Wax Strips seemed like to perfect ones to try out for someone as lazy as me ;)

The new system has 7 benefits in 1, that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and ready for the Summer. The innovative Ultra Body Wax Strips have an easy no rub formula, which basically means they have been formulated to be the correct temperature to use straight from the box. The wax strips clean your skin feeling clean as they will not leave any nasty sticky residue after use; your legs are left silky smooth and feeling moisturised. These are ideal for anyone with sensitive skin as each strip contains Japanese Cherry blossom and Rice Bran Oil extracts. 

Makeup Artists Victoria Bond has been involved in this latest launch and she has given her top tips for waxing with Nairs.

• Ensure sure you do not have a hot bath/shower before or after waxing, it's important to keep the skin cool.

• Prep your legs by exfoliating between 24-48 hours prior to waxing.

• Moisturise your legs daily with good quality cream or oil.

I've tried the Nair Norish 7-in-1 Ultra Body Wax Strips (that is one long name!) and have to say waxing isn't for me. I followed the instructions by the book and found I had a fair bit of hair left on my legs once I'd worked through the pain of waxing. These I feel would be better suited to someone who's hair isn't as soft and fine as mine. They did overall feel alot smoother but as I said, still hair on the old legs! These have been passed onto a girlfriend of mine who loves Nair wax strips, maybe she'll enjoy them more.
*This post contains PR samples


  1. I tried wax strips once and vowed to never ever go there again, lol... SO PAINFUL! And so ineffective. Then again, maybe I picked the wrong ones or did it wrong...


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