Wednesday 9 September 2015

NEXT - Autumn/Winter Collection 2015

When fashion is concerned I honestly don't think you can beat childrens clothes. Buying for our little lady is an absolute joy and I love every minute of it. If only buying clothes for myself was as easy! Anyhow, today I wanted to share with you the clothes we bought in NEXT from the Autumn/Winter collection. This season is all about slogan t-shirts and textured fabrics. 
NEXT currently has a massive selection of slogan t-shirts and I think children wear them well - it just add to the cuteness. These are our favourites from the vast selection; My Dad is Absolutely Awesome, True Story! and MUM:gorgeous, super, fabulous. Being they are black and white I can team them with her denim skirts or jeans for a lazy day outfit. Cooler days it's easy enough to pop a jumper over the top, as the fabric is very light weight. 
The jumpers and cords are just as impressive as the t-shirts. NEXT has lots of great textures this season and these are our top picks. Both jumpers are super soft and not at all itchy to the touch; which is very important when dressing a 4 year old who will speak her mind! The pale pink star jumper is similar to one I bought last year for our local playgroup christmas party. The minky coloured one is just as lovely and really suits Little Miss and the mediterranean skintone she inherited from her Daddy. When she wears these jumpers it makes you want to cuddle her even more then normal! And last but not least is the adorable grey cord skinny trousers. These are a touch too big for Little Miss at the moment however kids grow! The come with the adjustable elastic waist and will look great with a pair of winter boots on in the cooler months. 

Prices are below along with links for anyone interested in these items - 
* 'My Dad is Absolutely Awesome, True Story' T-Shirt £7
* 'Mum:gorgeous, super, fabulous' T-Shirt £7
* Pink and Silver Star Jumper £15
* Mink Jumper £15 
Grey Cord Trouser £14 

We're really happy with the new items to the little ladies wardrobe and will certainly keeping an eye out for more new additions in the coming months. Do you like NEXT clothes for yourself or little ones?? 

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