Friday 8 May 2015

H&M French Manicure Set

This weeks 'Nails' post uses this fantastic french manicure set from H&M. 
This was purchased last year and has been sat in my draw. I opted for the pink one which consists of a Matte pink nail polish and a Metallic pink striping polish; as well as 40 sticky strips for the perfect 'french' smile-line.  I couldn't tell you if this colour is still available in-store, however I have noticed H&M do these sets in other colours so I'm sure there will be one you like :)
I think this is a lovely alternative to the classic french manicure. Although its pink, the matte and metallic polishes work perfectly together. 

How are you wearing your nails today? xx

1 comment

  1. I'm just wearing some pale pink glitter today. Lately I often go for easy when it comes to my manis. I can still appreciate a good pink though.


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