Wednesday 21 May 2014

'Nutri Juicer Pro' Sage by Heston Blumenthal.

Today I have a slightly different review for you. As I’m sure some of you will have noticed, we bought a juicer recently, and I’ve been posting pictures on Instagram of some recipes we’ve tried. So this review is going to be about our fabulous juicer. After a great deal of research we opted for the Nutri Juicer Pro, Sage by Heston Blumenthal.

Here’s some of the information from the website about this a-maz-ing juicer -

  • The Nutri Juicer™ Pro works really quickly, extracting an average of 70% of nutrients from fruit. With a centered feed chute and less than 2 degrees of heat transfer, this juicer maximises nutrition.
  • This juicer is made of premium stainless steel and die cast alloy for durability.  Is also has variable speeds for juicing soft and hard fruits. The extra wide feed chute means you can juice bigger fruit and vegetables without preparation.
  • Two discs mean you can juice soft and hard fruits and vegetables. The Nutri Disc™ has titanium reinforced cutting blades which are perfect for hard fruit and vegetables and the Froojie™ Disc and insert help to extract the maximum yield from soft ones like strawberries and bananas.

This has been a valuable piece of kitchen equipment in our household over the last few months. We’ve been using it everyday and have been getting more than our ‘5 a day’ in fruit and vegetables; plus I have managed to hide different fruit/vegetables in juice for Little Miss. It’s been great experimenting with different flavours and quite interesting to see what you can juice (not to mention the quantity of juice you get from some of the ingredients!)

This Juicer has a sturdy 1500 watt motor and solid good quality construction, which means it should be durable enough to handle being used daily (many Juicers seem to fail after several months of light usage).  It comes with a Jug that can hold 1,200ml of juice, and has an attachment for juicing directly into cups. It also looks great on the kitchen worktop.

It was very easy to setup and use, and also very simple to clean afterwards. A top tip for easy cleaning of the pulp container - use a small plastic bag insert to catch the pulp. Freezer food bags, or nappy sacks, tend to be the right size. These will save you much time and mess in this area.

I’m planning on publishing our juice recipes on my blog so I hope you find them tasty :-)
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  1. I need to invest in a stronger juicer, this sounds like a lovely one.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  2. I've always wanted to get a juicer but I never actually got myself one... This one sounds and looks great.


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