Wednesday 26 March 2014

ELF Large Makeup Brush Holder

Moving house has given me the chance (and a very good excuse) to re-organise and sort all of my hair and beauty items. Blogging has greatly impacted my makeup brush collection; from a set of college brushes during my makeup training days, to now having more than enough to justify having proper storage!  

The ELF Large Makeup Holder, is perfect for those of you who have a lot of brushes to store.

In my opinion the sleek black material has a very modern, stylish feel to it. The matte black colour with glossy ‘eyes, lips, face’ writing gives a very luxurious finish. This Makeup Holder would look fabulous displayed on a dressing table, but is also the perfect size and shape to put in a cabinet too.

I think its hard to get the size right when buying online (as I found). I knew I needed the large but just how large was it going to be? It was a relief to find on delivery that the Makeup Holder wasn’t too big. For those of you interested in buying this, here are the approximate dimensions; 10cm x 8cm x 23cm

You get lots of storage space, three compartments to be exact. Perfect for holding not only your makeup brushes but also your eye and lip pencils, lash curlers, tweezers etc etc etc. I have been using the first section for ‘brushes I’m currently using’ and the other two for holding my clean brushes. This seems to be working well and means my clean brushes aren’t contaminated by leftover product from my ‘brushes I’m currently using’.

I’m more than happy with the ELF Large Makeup Holder and would say if you’re looking for a brush storage solution then this is well worth looking into.



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  1. Hannah I love those ELF Large Makeup Brush Holders, I got two and it really tidies up my space :)


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