Monday 27 January 2014

Umberto Giannini 'Glam Hair' Collection

Here is my latest shampoo and conditioner love from the Umberto Giannini ‘Glam Hair’ collection.

I’ve been using ‘Ditch the Dirt Volume Shampoo’ and ‘Plump & Sexy Volume Conditioner

Let's dive straight in and talk packaging. I just adore good packaging on products, and if it looks well thought out, I’m more likely to spend my money on it! The ‘Glam Hair’ collection all come in sleek black bottles with a striking silver image on. It’s very eye-catching and you wouldn’t confuse it with any other product on the shelves out there.  

Now for the fragrance. This is a hard one to describe! I wouldn’t say its fruity, there is no distinct citrus or berry scent coming through. It’s more of a warm exotic spicy smell. Mr KME says it reminds him of an expensive perfume. Whatever it is I really like it, but it may not be to everyones taste.

Did I end up with voluminous hair? I wouldn’t say I had a lot of volume in my hair; however my hair did feel a lot thicker and healthier after using these products. Overall I’m very impressed and would buy these again.

RRP £5.61 each
*Ditch The Dirt Volume Shampoo 250ml
*Plump & Sexy Volume Conditioner 250ml

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  1. Yep, definitely eye-catchers :-) And I am pleasantly surprised to hear that these actually made your hair feel thicker, that's great.


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