Thursday 24 October 2013

NEXT - Little Miss 'Wedding Outfit'

We have a wedding to go to in November and after hitting the NEXT sales I found this beautiful dress for Little Miss.

It was a bargain.......Retail price was £24 and I paid just £12!!!
A major selling point on this dress were the colours. Little Miss really suits blue and orange tones as she has mediterranean skin which she gets from her father (not me!).

Cut in a very classic shape, this dress has a wonderfully timeless feel to it. Along with the ‘dog-tooth’ pattern, it has a cute little belt that nips in at the waist; making it puff out and show off the netting underlay.
As with all NEXT clothes, this dress is good quality and is a perfect fit for Little Miss.

On the wedding day I will team this dress with some pretty shoes and a cardigan. The wedding is in a local hotel so we won’t be traveling between the ceremony and reception.

All that’s left to do is to organise myself and Mr KME........Now what to wear???

Stay Beautiful xx


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  1. Aw, cute dress :-) If there was a grown-up version of this I'd consider wearing it, haha.


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