Friday 3 May 2013

OPI Gelcolor

OPI GelColor officially launched in late 2011, and now has over 50 colours to choose from, all of which match the OPI Laquer. The big plus is that this system uses LED light rather then UV, so it cures (sets hard) in 30 seconds.

Last year I had my nails done using OPI GelColor. I went for a pale, nude tone called 'Passion'. For me this was a very safe colour, which left me with the option to paint over my nails if I wanted.

After two weeks my nails still looked great. Well, apart from the growth, and boy my nails grow quickly (I never realised before!!). 
I was able to purchase the kit to remove them at home. This involved wrapping my nails in tin-foil style pouches soaked in remover. It was so super easy to do... fool-proof. Seriously you can't get this wrong.
My natural nails were still in good condition, not dry or flaky, and I had no trace of gel left on them :)

This is a really good system for anyone who can't keep a manicure looking good for more then a couple of hours. Trust me, I'm sure I can chip nail polish just by looking at it!!!!


This service is now available at KME Hair & Beauty


  1. Hey I thought I was the only one who could insta-chip a fresh mani :-D This would be the perfect solution for me.

    1. Hey, lol no your not the only one :-D
      Let me know if you try out the OPI Gel Color and how you get on xx


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