Sunday 16 September 2012

Toddler Treats

This post is perhaps a little late in the year, but I have recently found it difficult to convince 'Little Miss' to eat fruit.

So while in the UK I popped into QD. I don't often go in there but you can find the odd gem if you're lucky. I found these cute little ice lolly makers for 99p so thought they may be worth a try. 

I made Strawberry and Vanilla Lollies using them, 
and here's how.....

Step 1
Step 1 - Blend around 8 large strawberries and half fill each section. 

Step 2
 Step 2 - Top the 'lollies' up with Vanilla yoghurt. 

Step 3
Step 3 - Put the handles on and pop into the freezer to set.

Looking yummy already.....

I left these over night in the freezer before taking them out to eat. As you can see below, a) they worked (phew!) and b) I managed to get them out of the 'maker' without breaking them :)

You can use other seasonal fruits and flavoured yogurts to suit your taste.
Why not give it a go?


  1. Replies
    1. Oh they are! I think we ate more then 'Little Miss' in the end. Plus they are super easy to make :) xx


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