Tuesday 1 September 2015


I've had a little sachet if loveliness I've been desperate to tell you about however I was unable to due until the 1st September had arrived. So today my silence has been broken and I am now free to scream and shout about the newest launch in the TIGI Bedhead range. Let me introduce you to 'Joyride'.
Joyride is the world's first 'Powder Primer Balm' or 'PP Balm' for hair! Joyride provides hair with the perfect layer for any style and keeps it that way - no joke this is a little miracle.
Joyride primes the hair with a fine invisible powder that adds texture and grip, making styling hair easy. It also provides the hair with grip that way a makeup primer does, meaning your hairstyle stays in place without hair looking or feeling stiff. 
The press blurb says Joyride has a ground breaking formula that uses platinum charged and custom engineered elastomer molecules (found in skincare products) but in all honesty that doesn't really mean anything to us regular non-scientific folk!
When using Joyride you need to ensure you don't get any on the roots of your hair as I found (by accident) it will look greasy. To use, apply a small amount to the mid lengths of damp hair and style. I applied by root boost spray as normal for give me volume then roughly dried my hair off. I then like to tease the ends with a curling iron to give a little shape. Joyride worked perfectly with my regular products and I found my style lasted a lot longer - an no hair spray required!!!!!
When all's said and done Joyride has become my favourite must have product for my hair. I am so pleased I can now get my hands on a full size bottle now it's available in Tigi stockists; the sample size has been lovely but it just doesn't go far!
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*PR Sample

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  1. I need to try mine again, I had no luck in the few times I tested it out. Even if I kept it to just half way up my hair, it just looked greasy. Also added way to much slip for me too, couldn't get it to hold a style, it actually didn't last as long :( I just don't have the right hair type I guess! Sad times

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