Wednesday 23 September 2015

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi

I know Summer is technically over however I wanted to share my thoughts on the Scholl Express Pedi. I'd been thinking about getting one but held off as I wasn't 100% sure how I'd get on with it. Call me old fashioned but I like my standard foot pumice and the results I get. After seeing a friend of mine recently who had nothing but positive things to say about her Scholl Express Pedi I took the plunge. And let's be honest, if a girl friend loves it what better recommendation! I picked mine up while in Tesco (they had £10 off) and I have to say it's be best electrical item I've bought in a long time!!! 
The Scholl Express Pedi comes with one 'roller', 2 x AA Batteries and a protective cover that fits over the roller when not in use. It is so easy to use, simply switch it on and the roller starts to rotate. Apply gentle pressure to the area that needs attention and the pumice does the work for you. Honestly thats it! Although the Express Pedi isn't waterproof it's recommended to pop the pumice off to clean after each use; there is a little blue button (visible on the photo above) that you press to release the pumice.
I won't scare you with before and after photos of my feet but I really did get results from the first use. Plus it was so quick and simple to use, no arm ache from using a standard foot pumice or trying to bend yourself into odd shapes to reach the bits you want to smooth! 
My only complaint is the protective cover doesn't clip into place so as soon as I move the Express Pedi the cover falls off. Maybe they aren't a snug fit? Is it a design flaw or is mine faulty?? That aside I'm super happy with my little magic wizzy pumice, have you tried the Scholl Express Pedi? I'd love to hear your thoughts :) x


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  1. I'd love to see if this can handle my very high maintenance feet :-)


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