Friday 30 May 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

Another day, another foundation :-)

This time I’ve been trying out the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation.

After using most of my Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ Foundation (link) I hit the shops to buy a replacement. I do find I sometimes get a shiny t-zone, so I opted for Rimmel’s Stay Matte Foundation.  I purchased shade ‘200 soft beige’ which suits me perfectly during the Summer months.


Wednesday 28 May 2014

Little Girls Bedroom - 3 Year Old

Today’s blog review is a little photo heavy, however I wanted to show you some of my favourite pieces for our little lady’s bedroom.

Her new room has a nice vintage girly feel to it, with her curtains and light fitting adding to the overall effect. We’ve had her room painted white and pink (Dulux ‘Sorbet’) which matched a couple items from her old bedroom. Her furniture was from Germany, made by a company called PAIDI. It’s beautifully designed and has lasted very well considering we purchased it in 2010 while we lived in Switzerland, and have dismantled it all to move to the UK!

So lets now look at my favourite pieces from her new bedroom….


Friday 23 May 2014

Denman - Hair Fitness for Men

Keep you Dad looking healthy and fit this Father’s Day with heritage styling brand, Denman 
International. Denman has poured generations of men’s styling innovations into the latest 
range – Hair Fitness for Men. Help your Dad to treat his tresses to some easy styling, keeping 
his hair in top condition! The sleek black tools are designed to optimise hair and scalp health 
to promote perfect, manageable hair. The Precision Styling Brush, the Easycare Styling Brush 
and the Carbon Pocket Comb make effective weapons in the fight to stay (hair) fit and look 
great slipped into any gym bag or toiletry bag. 


Thursday 22 May 2014

Monday 19 May 2014

ARK - Age Maintain Set

Ark Skincare Range was an unknown brand to me until recently. I've been testing these out over the last few weeks and wanted to tell you about them. First up let me give you some information about each of the products -

Boerhavia Diffusa is a calming Ayurvedic herb which reduces sensitivity and redness.
Zi Cao is an anti-inflammatory herb found in Japan, which soothes skin.
Blue Lotus, the ‘sacred flower of anti-ageing’ is a powerful antioxidant which boosts firmness and elasticity.

Kiwi and Passion Fruit lipids are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids to boost skin’s moisture.
Blue Lotus, the ‘sacred flower of anti-ageing’ is a powerful antioxidant which helps skin firmness and elasticity.
Moringa Oil is rich in Vitamin A and C and gently removes make-up and grime while retaining essential moisture.

Multifruit Acids gently remove rough, dead skin cells for bright, smooth skin.
Prickly Pear is a natural exfoliator to speed up the elimination of dead cells.
White Clay increases circulation to boost exfoliation without stripping skin’s essential oils.

Vitamin A helps keep skin strong, plump and increases collagen production.
Kiwi and Passion Fruit lipids are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids to boost skin’s moisture.
Blue Lotus, the ‘sacred flower of anti-ageing’ is a powerful antioxidant which boosts firmness and elasticity."

I'm now in my 30's so after speaking with the team at ARK they recommended this skincare set. I found they worked very well at balancing my slightly oily skin. During use I found my skin was left incredibly soft! The cleanser made my skin feeling very clean and not dry or tight as some cleansers can feel. I might just add the cleanser doesn't foam up which I hadn't realised when I first used it (I thought I'd picked up the moisturiser by mistake lol). My favourite from this set has to be the masque. When you apply it you find your skin feels tingly which lasts while its on your skin.

Have you tried any of the ARK Skincare range?
RRP £29.00
*PR Sample


Wednesday 14 May 2014

Elegant Touch - Little Mix Jade Nails

I’ve been looking to wear these for a special occasion so when we booked to go out for dinner I decided to give these a go.

Personally I’ve never been a massive fan of press-on nails; after all I do work as a nail technician so tend to wear the OPI Gel Color on my nails.

These nails are part of the Little Mix collection by Elegant Touch are relatively new to the beauty market. I picked these up  from the hair and beauty wholesalers I use for work. I was instantly drawn to Jade as I love the black and gold colours of these.

The set comes with a wide selection of nail sizes and nail stickers to apply them with.

I found they were very easy to fit, although I did find I had to file my nails down a touch (my natural nail length was a bit longer than the press-on nails). Sizing was simply to do and only takes a few minutes to decided which ones are needed. Applications couldn’t be simpler too; just choose the correct sticker, peel off the backing and apply to your nail. Then put the press-on nail on top of the sticker, hold for a minute and move onto the next nail…….easy peasy!!!

Have you tried any nails by Elegant Touch?
If so what do you think?


Monday 12 May 2014

Olay Essentials BB Cream

I’ve tried several BB Creams over the last couple of years but Olay’s BB Cream ‘Touch of Foundation’ is by far one of the best.

Olay BB Cream ‘Touch of Foundation’ contains SPF 15 which helps protect the skin against daily sun exposure. SPF 15 is the minimum level of daily UV protection recommended to reduce the risk of damage to the skin caused by UV rays.  
It contains a small amount of Max Factor foundation which helps even out the skins appearance, leaving you with a subtle coverage. All you need is a touch of concealer on any trouble areas and your skin is left looking amazing! Lets not forget the moisturizing effect on the skin, which lasts up to 24 hours.  
Olay BB Cream ‘Touch of Foundation’ is the perfect all-in-one formula for a busy lifestyle, as it instantly evens the complexion and moisturises all at the same time. It can be quickly and easily applied with your finger tips by gently massaging into the face and neck.The fragrance is a very pleasant mix of floral and fruit I believe. I found ‘light’ was perfect for my current skin tone, although when I start to get some sun (or I start self tanning) I will have to change to a darker shade. The finish is a slightly matte look, which I am more then happy with, and it does leave my skin looking soft and airbrushed. It’s the sort of complexion that leaves people thinking you have perfectly amazing skin naturally ;)

You can buy this in Boots, Superdrug, Supermarkets and online.

RRP £9.99


Thursday 8 May 2014

Spectrum Brushes - First Impressions

Yesterday I took delivery of my Spectrum Collection Brushes. 
Join me as I open my parcel and give you my first impressions of my new makeup brushes.
Simply click on the link and head over to my YouTube channel

Stay Beautiful xx

Throwback Thursday #10

"IsaDora Cosmetics"

Here is another of my goodies sent from IsaDora CosmeticsThis one is the Eye Shadow Trio in 80 Precious Pearls. 
Every Eye Shadow Trio comes with a double-ended sponge applicator and a handy mirror inside the packaging. Precious Pearls is a beautiful mix of pearlescent eyeshadows; each is packed with shimmer. 

I used all three colours in this palette to create a soft smoky eye. 
Applying the darkest shade on the outer corner and below the lash line helps widen the eye. 
Finished off with lashings of mascara.

This would be perfect as an evening look, maybe with a set of false lashes for a more dramatic effect.


Wednesday 7 May 2014

UK Exclusive - Exurbe Cosmetics

I’m always on the look out for new up and coming brands to tell you about. After living in Switzerland for 3 years my tastes has changed to suit the continental lifestyle.
I have enjoyed testing out brands such as Catrice, Essence, Isadora and many more that we can’t get in the UK; I have to say its been difficult not being able to buy them now! So I’m very pleased to be able to give you the inside knowledge of a Swiss cosmetic company called ‘Exurbe Cosmetics’.

Exurbe Cosmetics was born and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.
“Our polish is a high quality polish, long lasting and a bit more viscous and gives a gel-finish. We respect ethical business behaviour - therefore we produce only in europe (mainly Italy), are 5-free (no toxic ingredients), cruelty free and vegan.”

So here are the colours from the ‘Pastelle’ collection for you to look at -
Top row - China Girl, Milkshake ,Love is all Around
Bottom row - Stairway to Heaven, French Kiss, The Sweet Escape

Exurbe Cosmetics does not currently ship to the UK, however been told by if we see a lot of positive feedback from this blog post they will speed things up and hopefully start shipping to our little island in not not too distant future - happy days!

You can follow Exurbe Cosmetics on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest
Don't forget to tell Exurbe Cosmetics where you heard about there fabulous products ;)

*Press Pack information and images


Sunday 4 May 2014

Meet Elmo & Minnie

Some of you may have noticed that I have a new drop down list called ‘lifestyle’, where you will find all sorts of home and lifestyle posts being added. So with this in mind, today’s post is about our Chihuahua’s Elmo and Minnie. You can find them in ‘Meet Elmo and Minnie’. In that section you will find reviews on all sorts of dog related products, places to go, activities, and much more.
 So here they are…...

Thursday 1 May 2014

Throwback Thursday #9

"BILLS Slap Watch"

This BILLS Slap Watch was kindly sent to me in mid-March by CoolBrandz. 

Instantly, it took me back to the late 80's when everyone had 'slap bracelets'. I had one, which I'm sure is still lurking in a box somewhere at my Mum's!!

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