Monday 26 May 2014


Wow…...Wow…..and wow! Those of you who had the 2013 You Beauty Advent Calendar will no doubt have opened this little box of ESPA treats by now!

First up lets talk about the Refining Skin Polish. This is a gentle facial exfoliating cream that brightens the complexion, removing dull, dry skin and leaving your face looking radiant. As far as exfoliators go, I’d never used one before that had such fine particles in. This meant that it didn’t feel at all gritty, which was a lovely bonus.  ‘Refining Skin Polish’ exfoliated perfectly and didn’t leave my skin looking red after use.  Mine was just a sample size, however these come in a 55ml jar which I feel is quite a good size given that you don’t need to use much. Currently retailing at £25.50.

Next up is the ‘Optimal Skin Proserum’ and boy does this smell a-ma-zing!! The main fragrance that I noticed was the Patchouli Oil, it’s quite a distinctive smell. This also contains a combination of Rose Hip Oil, Turmeric, White Lupin and Evening Primrose Oil. All of which make this even more lovely to apply to your skin. The benefit of using ‘Optimal Skin Proserum’ includes improved elasticity, brighter, evened out skin tone, and protection against premature aging. Simply apply a few drops on a cleansed face and neck before moisturizing. Again I have a sample size; the full size comes in a 30ml pump dispenser, priced at £48.00.

I’m very pleased with both the ‘Refining Skin Polish’ and the ‘Optimal Skin Proserum’. These are definitely going to become part of my skincare routine.

Stay beautiful xx


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