Thursday 1 May 2014

Throwback Thursday #9

"BILLS Slap Watch"

This BILLS Slap Watch was kindly sent to me in mid-March by CoolBrandz. 

Instantly, it took me back to the late 80's when everyone had 'slap bracelets'. I had one, which I'm sure is still lurking in a box somewhere at my Mum's!!

Anyway, moving on!

These slap watches by BILLS are a fabulous idea! 
They will fit everyone, as the straps have no set size. You simply unfold it and it coils around your wrist. BILLS Slap Watches are made of a high quality silicone which makes them very comfortable to wear, and I also found out they are anti-allergy.

You have a huge choice of straps to choose from, 15 to be exact! AND if that hasn't wow'ed you enough, you can choose which interchangeable dial you would like, Black or White (Pictured). Making the options endless!!!

Even Little Miss took a shine to my BILLS watch!!


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  1. Yeaaah I remember these, they were fun! I never had a watch version though.


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