Friday 18 September 2015

BarkBeats Box - August

The end of August not only came as a shock; seriously am I alone in thinking August flew by? But nearing the end of the month means our monthly subscription to Barkbeats arrives. This month was a little different for Elmo as he has to now share his treats and toys. Yes that little brown blur in my photos is our newest family member - Lola the 5 month old chocolate Chihuahua, and she's beautiful.
Anyhow, let's refocus from the cuteness and back to the contents of the August box!
This month we received the following items in our Barkbeats box - 

Rosewood Toy
'This toy will stimulate your dog and provide him with hours of fun and exercise'. We love receiving toys in our boxes, this one as many of the others are the perfect size for small dogs like Chihuahuas. The toy has a squeaker inside which I find is always played with just as I sit down to do some work on my laptop. The toy is made really well which will mean it will survive puppy teeth.....if Elmo lets Lola near it that is!

Barks&Sparks Ice Cream
I love Barks&Sparks and so far have found all of there products very good. We had an ice cream a couple of months ago which Elmo enjoyed eating on a hot day. This one I've not yet made  however I'm 100% sure he will enjoy this delicious treat again.

Petstages Crunchcore Bone
Now this couldn't be anymore perfect for our new family member. Lola is 5 months old and teething (on anything she can get her paws on!) The Petstages Crunchcore Bone sounds like a plastic bottle when you press it which I guess keeps the dog interested in what it's chewing. The size again is ideal for smaller breeds of dogs and puppies like Lola. We are onto a winner!!!

Boswelia Tomato Snacks
These seriously smell good enough to eat! Bosweila Tomato Snacks contain natural ingredients such as eggs, flour, butter and obviously tomatoes. They are home baked and have no preservatives or added sugar. I've not given these to Lola yet as she is only a puppy, Elmo however loves them.

HOV HOV Lollipop
This is a breakfast style lollipop made from oak flakes, graham flour, yogurt and cranberries. Again this contains no salt, sugar, colourings or preservatives. It has proved very popular with the dogs although a little hard to break into two! 

 My overall verdict on Barkbeats - I'm very happy with the contents the August box and the previous months boxes. Every item has suited both dogs and I feel Barkbeats does well catering for a wide variety of breeds; considering that we have one of the smallest breed in our household! We have had a couple of items that we gave away to friends as they really were too big for Elmo, however this wasn't a regular problem. Our subscription period has now ended however I would certainly re-subscribe in the future and would more importantly recommend them to friends. For now though I have a cupboard full of half eaten treats and a box full of boggie toys :-)

*Note to self - I really need to work on Lola's training after she tried to get in the box while I was taking photos! 

UPDATE 2018 - Barkbeats is now Viva Dogs

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