Tuesday 27 March 2012

Want to try something.....

...........a little different with your hair??

This style caught my eye whilst flicking through the Sunday supplement magazine in the UK (one of the models in a fashion shoot had her hair like this). I loved the look and I decided I had to give it a try.

Last week I finally got the chance to try it out on a friend, and here are the results. This is such a simple look, and I think it will be fabulous in the Summer for keeping your hair out of the way whilst looking stylish.

To re-create this at home you will need:-
  • a hair elastic, 
  • a long ribbon or scraf,
  • hair brush  
  • and a crocodile clip. 

Step 1 - Clip your hair up out of the way.

Step 2 - Place your ribbon around your hairline and tie in the nape of your neck. Now let your hair down out of the clip.

Step 3 -  Part your hair into 2 pieces and using the ribbon as the 3rd piece start to braid them together.

Step 4 - Once you have braided the length of your hair, use the hair elastic to secure in place.

Step 5 - Now wrap the left over ribbon around the elastic and tie in a bow.

(This can also look nice as a side braid. You simply tie the ribbon at the back of your neck and move it slightly off centre, so the braid is on the side)

There you have it - something a little different :)

Have fun with this look xx

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