Monday 12 March 2012

Twinkle Bow's Boutique

Looking for beautiful hand made hair clips suitable for children? Twinkle Bow's Boutique is an online store I found via Facebook.  

Our 'Little Miss' was graced with a good covering of fine hair and was lucky enough not to loose much. Being a hairdresser by trade I couldn't help myself; I just had to buy some hair accessories for her!

These are just some of the beautiful non-slip hair clips I've bought from  Twinkle Bow's . They're made from soft fabrics and have a small clip on the underside to fasten them in place. 

I love the fact that they're made from soft fabric, and our 'Little Miss' doesn't seem to notice she's wearing them (always a plus, as they stay in place longer!).

The company owner was very helpful, and now also has a online shop which makes ordering easier. 

Twinkle Bow's prices were reasonable, and their delivery was fast.

Here's the link for those interested......



  1. Hello :-)
    In Zurich you can also find nice hairpins here:

  2. Ah that's perfect for my Swiss readers, thank you Sophie :-)

  3. I just ordered some hair bits for my 2 year old from this lady I found on facebook- they are just gorgeous. Kerri x

    1. Oh I may have to go and have a look at these too. Thanks for the tip Kerri x


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