Friday 16 March 2012

Half-Moon Manicure.....

Brief History 
The Half-moon Manicure was popular through the 1920s, '30s and '40s. This was normally done in red or pink shades (back then there wasn't the wide variety of colours we have now). The 'Half-moon' was left natural or painted in a beige tone, and nails were an oval shape unlike today's popular square.

Creating The Look.
Since this can be a little fiddly, I've put together an easy 'Step-by-Step' so that you can create a Half-Moon Manicure at home.

You will need :-
*Base & Top Coat
*Round "hole in the middle" Stickers (reinforcement stickers for paper)
2 or 3 Nail Polishes

Step 1 - Apply base coat on all 10 nails followed by your base colour (this will become the 'Half-Moon' colour)

Step 2 - Once this has dried, place a round sticker on the bottom of each nail. You need to have half the sticker on the nail, and the other half on your finger (see picture). Make sure you press the stickers down firmly so your next polish doesn't leak underneath.

Steps 1 & 2
Step 3 - Carefully apply 2 coats of colour on the top of each nail, overlapping the stickers slightly. 

Step 4 - Once dry gently pull each sticker from the cuticle to the free edge of your nails. 

Step 5 - Apply Top coat to seal and your done. Beautifully polished nails that are bang on trend.
Step 3
I've used 3 colours to create this look, mainly because the new Orly Cool Romance Collection has arrived and I wanted to show them off  :)

The colours are 'Prelude to a Kiss' (peach), 'Jealous, Much?' (green) and 'Faint of Heart' (mink).....and I think they're simply fab!
Finished look
Have fun with this, 
Hannah x

P.S I shall bring you more on the new Orly Collection soon!


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