Wednesday 14 March 2012

Home-made scrubs are so easy to do!

Speaking to a customer recently about combating dry skin, I was reminded of this quick and easy exfoliating scrub (which I hadn't made for some time).
This scrub can be used either in the shower or while you're in the bath - just remember that the oil will make the surface you're bathing in/on slippery, so please be careful when you have finished!

To create this scrub you simply need to combine 1 part Almond Oil with 2 parts Sugar (or Salt*). 

Personally I prefer to use Sugar, but for very hard skin you may want to use Salt (which is more abrasive). If you don't have Almond Oil, you can use Massage Oil, Baby Oil, or even Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

A natural home-made body scrub....perfect :)

*for example 1 cup to 2 cups


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