Wednesday 20 August 2014

Smoby Floralie Playhouse

We bought this fabulous Smoby Floralie Playhouse for our little lady just when she started toddling around the garden; we felt it was time to venture into the garden toy department of our local Toys R Us in Switzerland.

The playhouse came flat-packed, so as you can imagine we had some fun putting it together. Once construction was complete we had a good sized house that would give Little Miss many hours of fun.

As you can see the Smoby Floralie Playhouse comes complete with a fenced garden area with gate and planting box. The front door has cute letter box stickers, plus a working doorbell (I don’t need to tell you how many times she rang it!). Inside there is a little stool, worktop space and window boxes as well as little plant pots, watering can, spade and rake. The shutters are also very cute and reminiscent of the ones you see in Switzerland.

Considering the time we have owned our Smoby Floralie Playhouse, and the extreme weather it has been in, we have experienced no fading to the plastic structure nor to the decorative stickers.  We dismantled it completely for relocation to the UK and found putting it back together was very easy; all the parts went back into place as if it were new!

One thing to note is that we bought this in Switzerland where they stocked these in-store. In the UK you have to order online and have it delivered….thought I should point that out before you go rushing to your local Toys R Us!


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