Wednesday 6 August 2014

Garden Makeover

Just before Easter we had our garden paved. We had moved into our new house and the garden was literally just topsoil - not pretty nor ideal for a toddler or a dog.

After what felt like a lifetime of searching for the perfect paving slabs, we found a company called that stocked exactly what we were looking for. The paving slabs are called ‘Rainbow StoneFlair by Bradstone’ which are a smooth natural sandstone paving slab. says “Firstly, there are all the beautiful colours and veining variations of sandstone that make every patio unique and individual in appearance. Yet, there is also the stunning overall visual effect: a smooth diamond sawn sandstone that provides a tasteful, refined and elegant backdrop for any garden.”

These are available in patio packs which contain a selection of 4 different sized slabs. The sizes vary from 900mm x 600mm as the largest slab, to 300mm x 300mm being the smallest from the pack. We wanted to have the whole garden paved, so we ordered 3 ‘packs’ which gave us slightly more than we needed, but it allowed the builders room to play.

SimplyPaving were a pleasure to deal with. They advised us on the phone regarding quantity, called us back to confirm delivery times, and followed up to ensure we were entirely happy with our customer experience. They delivered very quickly (within 3 days) and we didn’t have any breakages, which I thought was extremely good. They even provide information and advice on their website for those wishing to ‘DIY’ their garden look. Lots of very useful info and photos, which provide you with the ‘how’ and ‘what’ for a perfect job.

Our particular selection, ‘Rainbow’, is a stunning mixture of colours, each slab is totally unique from the next. When the paving is dry you see the gorgeous pale sandy tones that makes the garden feel very mediterranean. However, when they get wet you can see such beautiful deep colours showing up - reds, purples, chocolate and creamy tones. It’s as though the garden has two personalities, one for dry weather and one for wet. We also opted for a 5 inch border to be left which we have filled with beautiful white pebbles to finish the garden off. The left over pebbles have been put into some of our plant pots,  which pulls the whole look together nicely.

We are super pleased and it’s so nice to have a garden that’s completely different to our neighbours.



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