Monday 25 August 2014

Maybelline Color Sensational - Tantalizing Taupe

Maybelline ColorSensational in Tantalizing Taupe (725) is the newest lipstick to join my growing collection. Tantalizing Taupe is part of the ‘Stripped Nudes Collection’ we have here in the UK, over in the USA I believe it falls into ‘The Buffs Collection’; both contain a lovely variety of nude shade lipsticks to suit every skin tone.
Tantalizing Taupe is a fabulous nude lipstick. The shade is a very natural pink with a warm tone rather than cool, which I personally prefer to wear. I find cool tone lipsticks do nothing for my skin tone!
I found this lipstick to be very moisturizing on my lips, which I love - as I hate wearing lipsticks that dry up. It has a creamy texture and is highly pigmented which makes application easy. It will need to be reapplied after eating as the colour does fade off your lips slightly. This wasn’t a major problem though, as Tantalizing Taupe is natural enough that you don’t  see any horrible fade-out lines. The finish is glossy rather than shimmer/satin, something that wins in my books when it comes to nude lipsticks. It also smells amazing; like sweet vanilla, which is typical for Maybelline lipsticks.

Overall I’m very pleased with my Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick



  1. Oh I would love to see a lip swatch! The color looks lovely.

    1. You can see what it looks like on here, just copy and paste the text -


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