Thursday 18 April 2013

Spring/Summer 2013 Hair

Last November the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days were held in Zurich, Switzerland. This is one of the big events on the fashion calendar, and as a hairdresser I saw some styles I thought would suit use in everyday life!

Here are a couple of my favourite looks that were featured during the 3 day event.

Mila Schoen Show
The centre parting, with hair being left down and looking soft and natural at the Mila Schoen Show during opening night. This is a very quick and easy look on freshly washed hair. 

Van Berry Collection
 Followed on night two by MBFDZ Annabelle Award. Where we saw pretty side ponytails in the Van Berry Collection. These all had volume at the roots and very cute side-partings which add a touch of glamour to what can be a very simple look.

Both of these looks are easy to achieve and I can see them being very popular amongst us busy mums!



  1. I love the side ponytail :) I love that smooth straight hair is coming back!


  2. The first style is easy and effortless, and the second one is one that I wear often myself!


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