Monday 22 April 2013

Essie 'Tea & Crumpets'

It's Manicure Monday which means one thing......freshly painted nails!

Today I'm wearing 'Tea & Crumpets' (12) by Essie.

This colour is a perfect frosted nude shade, which can be worn as one coat or two depending on the time you have.

I particularly like the beautiful pearlescent sheen, which adds a little glamour to my nails. This is definitely going to be one of my natural polish favourites!

What colour are you wearing this Monday?
Stay Polished xx


  1. I love the colour, I currently have no polish on but you have inspired me to go and pain my plain looking nails!!

    1. Hehe, which colour did you go for in the end?

    2. I purchased a varnish from Boots the range is called Sinful Colors, and the price was super cheap (£1.99) the colour is called 'Big Daddy' quite a funky name!! :) Its a lovely summery colour tho, being preggers I had to get my OH to do my toes lol God what a job he done bless him haha!!
      check it over on my blog when you get a mo :)

    3. Aw bless OH for doing your toe nails. I painted mine as a french manicure and left it until Little Miss was born :-) I've not tried them Sinful Colors polishes yet, might have to go to Boots to get one to try out. xx

  2. It looks very pretty, you are right to add it to your favorites! I have black nail polish on today, with a matte top coat on top.

    1. Oh your nails sound lovely. I've just done a dark plum with matte top coat on a client and it looks fab :)

  3. that s so pretty, it probably would look really good with just 1 coat too!

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