Friday 12 April 2013

Denman Brush Tip

Those of you who own a Denman brush will know that over time the red rubber, which holds the bristles in place, will start to work its way off the handle.

While visiting a friend in the UK I noticed her Denman D3 was doing this very thing. She commented that it was "time to buy a new one" – however, I knew a salon tip which would save her Denman from ending up in the bin!!

All you need is talc....

*First thing you need to do is pull the rubber out completely.

*Make sure the rubber and inside of the handle are both clean AND dry!

*Sprinkle your talc lightly over the rubber, where it slides onto the handle.

*Now simply slide the rubber back onto the handle, pushing it all the way until it can go no further.

If you don't have talc in the house then you can always use self-raising flour as my friend did. 
And I quote "Hannah people with dry skin don't own talc" 
- fair point!
So there you have it, a Hairdresser Top Tip to prolong the life of your Denman....I’ve had one of mine* since 1998!

* I have more than one Denman J


  1. Oh wow, sounds good!

  2. Nice.It sounds good.Actually in those days of crisis,recycling is taken universally.



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