Wednesday 9 March 2016

Reflexology - My Experience

Mid January I was contacted by the Association of Reflexologist to see if I would be interested in having Reflexology in return for an honest blog post. Anyone that knows me will know I'm not a 'foot person'! The idea of having someone, let alone a complete stranger touch my feet does nothing for me. However after a little research online I thought I would say "yes" and give it a go. Here's some of the information Cat, my Reflexologist sent me......

A Brief History
Reflexology has a long history originally dating back to Ancient Egypt, India and China. Reflexology was introduced to the modern Western world as “Zone Therapy” by Dr William Fitzgerald (USA) in 1913, and further developed by the pioneer of Reflexology Eunice Ingham (USA) in 1930.

How does it work?
Reflexologists work on the principle that the feet are mini maps of all the systems and organs of the body.  By using gentle specific massage techniques over the feet, reflexologists are able to determine blockages and imbalances within the body.  The nerve endings and circulation are stimulated resulting in detoxifying and rebalancing of the whole body.  Reflexology strives to establish homeostasis – a physiological process of stable equilibrium.  This is why so many clients report feeling a sense of lightness, normality and a feeling of release after a session – as they are once again, restored to equilibrium.

What is reflexology used for?
Reflexology, has no limits to it’s ability to rebalance the various states of physical and mental well being.  It’s beauty is that this quiet and unassuming therapy reaches every aspect of the human body –  both physical and emotional. 

My Appointment - 
I was asked to come dressed comfortably so that I could fully relax and enable Cat easy access to my calves and feet. The session started with a consultation to establish a brief medical history. I then had to remove my shoes and socks and rest on the treatment couch. The couch was so comfortable, Cat had warmed the heat pad prior to my arrival so it was very welcoming. I was able to rest on the warm couch, covered in a snuggly blanket, with the blinds tipped and soothing music in the background. Cat used her hands to massage my feet while working on the pressure points. As I said the different areas of the feet relates to a part of the body. During this time I felt extremely relaxed to the point I could have quite happily fallen asleep. Having Cat touch my feet wasn't ticklish as I had expected. She applied firm but comfortable pressure to my feet in a very precise manner, yet it still felt like a massage. The Reflexology ended and I was asked to take 3 deep breaths in the help stimulate my body into moving again. While laying on the couch Cat explain to me what she had found and how the areas relate to each other. For example I have an Overactive Thyroid, this hormone imbalance was visible in 4 areas on my feet and it was very interesting to hear about how they all work together. 

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my reflexology and will definitely look to rebook with Cat again. If you are in the Suffolk area make sure you look Cat up on her website


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  1. I'm not going to lie, I remain skeptical. I just don't see how you can tell all these things from one's feet.


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