Thursday 24 March 2016

NEW 'Wand Rollers' by Sleepin Rollers

Four years ago I was given the opportunity to review 'Sleep-In Rollers', you can read my original post here - 

A few weeks back I was contacted by Sleep-In Rollers to ask if I'd like to work with them again, this time I would be looking at the 'Wand Rollers'. My parcel contained the original 'Sleep-In' bag, 'Wand' sleep-in rollers in two sizes, back combing brush and grips in a little drawstring bag (very cute), pictured above.

The rollers have been developed and shaped to mimic the wave you get when using a heated wand on your hair; however these require no heat. 
My hair is alot shorter then it was 4 years ago however I was interested to see how these would work on shaping my hair. My first experience of these rollers was a little stressful! I couldn't get the hang of rolling my hair in something that was cylindrical. Once I had a breather and stopped overthinking the process I put them in in record time. I had freshly washed my hair and it was nearly dry was ready to put them in so I spritzed my hair to help them go in better and hold the shape. I found the long grips included very useful, they are the perfect length to hold the rollers in.
I slept in my Wand Rollers for 7 hours, below you can see my final look. Although I didn't get waves in my hair (my hair is too short) I was left with a lovely bounce and loads of body that lasted all day. I can't achieve that with a regular blow dry. I love these rollers as much as the original and have since experimented a bit more to create the perfect look for my hair. I have found if I use the smaller rollers on the top and larger ones round the back I get a slight wave which looks really good :-)

*Samples sent for testing and my honest review


  1. The result really looks nice! Lots of body indeed! I'm definitely intrigued...

  2. Oh, I'd love to try these, your hair looks gorgeous!


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